Uhmook Bokkeum (Stir fried fish cakes)

I have admittedly had a long love affair with Korean food. From my first adventure into a Korean restaurant in Washington State (Seoul Restaurant 7515 Martin Way Olympia WA) to my first trip into a H-Mart outside of Baltimore, MD, I grew ever more enamored. Unadulterated gustatory, olfactory, visual pleasure. So much to eat, so little time. No Asian fusion, no pandering to American tastes, these places were set up to cater to Korean populations. Definitely no atomic-red sweet and sour pork…

Now, many, many years on, Korean dishes make their way onto the dinner table or into the lunch box several times a week it seems. Korean cooking is pretty straight forward and unassuming. It is just good ol’ home cookin’. Anyone can get a handle on the basic dishes pretty easily all you need is a recipe and one trip to the local Korean market. If you don’t have a local Korean market you should seriously think about moving 😉

Here is one of my favorite (as if I could pick a favorite) side dishes/snacks Uhmook Bokkeum, stir fried fish cakes.  It is quick, easy, oh so tasty and just slightly spicy.

A good recipe for this dish and many more can be found here at Maangchi’s site. Her compilation of recipes and information is extensive and comes with video forms for those who don’t like those word thingies.

Incidentally, I find it slightly amusing that the Taiwanese always seem to say that Americans cant eat spicy food.  When nearly all the Korean food in Taiwan seemed tamed down a little to suit the Taiwanese tastes.


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