How Sweet It Is

Onion Gravy

It is amazing how one of natures angriest vegetables can becomes so sweet. You just have to coax the sweetness out. You could call this slow food, it does take a while to cook the onions down to a sweet, sticky base for this sauce. But you will be glad you did. It goes really well with Toad in the Hole and of course with sausages.

Here I made an onion gravy to go with the homemade, “free range” venison sausages and mashed Potatoes.

You can find a good recipe for onion gravy here at The Telegraph.

Round 2, A Pauper’s Dinner

Leftovers. I rolled a few more sausages out, reheated the onion gravy and, well I don’t like reheated mashed potatoes so much.  However, left over mashed potatoes make great potato cakes. Heat up the mashed potatoes a little, add a pinch of salt, just enough flour (whole wheat in this case) to make a soft “dough,” form into cakes and slow fry in butter. Oh and we need a veg, so I cooked up some cabbage in milk. Taste=great, cost=very little.


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2 Responses to How Sweet It Is

  1. kat says:

    yummmmmm u made your own sausage??

  2. L P says:

    Thanks. Yes, it is fairly easy to make sausages and they are way tastier than the ones from the store.

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