Marmite. Oh quit your wingeing and eat y’r damned toast.

Please remember to recycle, eat Marmite. Brown and lovely packed with flavor and vitamins it really livens up a breakfast. Makes your toast hold its own against the sausage(s). Marmite on toast also goes great with eggs/egg dishes of all sorts. The salty, savory flavor complements the delicate flavor of eggs wonderfully.  Sure it is may smell a bit like 臭豆腐 (if you can’t read that you probably don’t want to know anyway) when you open the jar, yeah it is a bit like soy sauce on toast, but what do you expect from the sludge left at the bottom of a beer barrel after brewing. I love the stuff, but I really lack the words to do it justice. Michele Kayal does a much better job of that here in this NPR piece.

Cereal is for sissies

Why start out the day with dull flavors unless you plan on having a dull day. So go track some down and start the day out right.


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One Response to Marmite. Oh quit your wingeing and eat y’r damned toast.

  1. Jennifer says:

    Fascinating. You cover both Chinese, and English, two of my favorite cuisines. And yes, I am one of those who loves Marmite. My father’s side of the family was partially British. I love steak and kidney pie, bangers, and many other British foods. Great website. I’m glad I found it.

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