A Nice Cup of Tea

Take some more tea.” the March Hare said to Alice very earnestly. “I haven’t had any yet,” Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more.”


I just don’t drink much coffee anymore, and usually only in the afternoon when I do. It is not necessarily the result of the time I’ve spent in Taiwan that I tend towards tea, Taiwan grows great coffee and most of Taiwan’s coffee shops brew coffee better than most shops in the States. I just find tea to be more agreeable and certainly more diverse, like craft beers or wines. Besides I hear coffee prices are going up anyway.

Down the street at the (Eastern) European Deli/Market they were out of the Ahmad’s Kalami Assam I usually buy. So I had to buy the Ahmad Barooti Assam, it is slightly lower grade (and therefor slightly cheaper $7 a lb. instead of $8 a lb.) and it brews a slightly darker and stronger drink. Still a high quality tea and a great morning eye-opener.

I actually only see this line of Ahmad teas (Kalami, Barooti, etc.) in European and Indian grocery stores. The Ahmad teas sold in domestic grocery stores have different packaging and usually a higher price. The European/Indian market packages are multilingual and seem to be be marketed towards populations that actually drink large quantities of quality tea. The blends are apparently different as the Euro Deli packages offer tea by region/grade as opposed to by “English Breakfast,” “English Afternoon” and the such. If you go through as much tea as I/we do (at least a pound of black tea alone a month) it will save you quite a bit of money to search out these teas and I am still convinced the quality it higher as well.

So sit back and enjoy a cup, go on.


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2 Responses to A Nice Cup of Tea

  1. Jason Merk says:

    Could you tell me where in Taiwan you are buying this tea. I’ve been drinking this tea for years and will be moving back to Taiwan soon and would like to buy it locally instead of shipping it in.

    • L P says:

      Well the tea seller I use to go to in Taitung ended up closing up shop. So I had to find another one when I went back last time. But I usually just go into any good looking shop and figure I will try different teas for about a half hour.

      I can’t remember exactly which shop I use to go to when I was in Taichung, but I know it was just off of Meicun Road, Section 1 sort of by the Art Museum.

      A lot of times I would just pop into a shop when I was traveling and try a few of the local teas and pick my favorite. I find it to be the best way to buy tea in Taiwan.

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