R and D in Taiwan

Eat and travel, travel and eat. How did Taiwan manage to pack so much variety onto such a small island?

I have not even fully recovered from jet lag (the 15 hour layover in Korea did not help), nor for that matter fully adjusted my sleeping to flipping day and night, but I already feel like I’ve eaten a months worth of food. I don’t think I’ve been in Taiwan a week yet, I don’t know, between the lack of sleep and the dizzying array of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and down right funky tastes I’ve lost track of time.

Between having old favorites and trying new things it seems all I do is eat. I of course have to go to all my favorite places and have all my favorite foods. Just to make sure my palate doesn’t stray too far and my own recipes reflect Taiwanese tastes. That and well there are certain things that America does not do well, such as soy milk. Why must it suck so much in the states? Then there are the things that just don’t taste as good in the US, such as most tropical fruit. Which has more to do with Taiwan’s blessed (some might think cursed) climate coupled with America’s penchant for breeding fruit and produce for looks instead of taste.

Then after making sure I’ve ticked all the boxes of the old favorites, including the old favorites I had completely forgotten about, there are all the foods that I haven’t tried yet. So, so many foods, so many colors, so many smells, it seems like an endless sea of possibilities.

Beyond that they have the audacity to not keep their food culture static. Always changing, adding new things, integrating flavors and ideas from around the world. Opening a bakery on what seems like every block in Taipei. Making nuanced changes to classic dishes and taking a very Taiwanese approach to European dishes. So much change, I just cannot keep up.

But I’ll try, I mean if you are going to force me, I guess I will eat.

What’s first on the menu

Red bean shaved ice

Blueberry apple vinegar

Stuffed lotus roots


Vegetable stalls

Cured meat stall

Deluxe Hawaiian pizza comes with shrimp and of course corn

Vegetable and seaweed side dishes in Taipei

A long, hard (and sometimes narrow) road ahead


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