So on to Korea, a country where I can’t read anything, can’t speak a word, I love the food, if I could just order it. Just a little romanization would help, but there is none to speak of down in Jeonju. Oh well, at least I knew I would get kimchi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (not to mention the occasional snack).  What I did not know was how ubiquitous presence of  Makgeolli was going to be. Makgeoll is an unfiltered rice wine popular in the rural regions, fairly low in alcohol (and low in price), with a slightly sour sweet taste it is rather easy to get accustomed to.

In we go


Roadside Makgeolli stand

Makgeolli by the bowl

Beef in a stone bowl

Kimchi pancake (and more Makgeolli)


Drying in the sun

school lunch

Bibimbab DIY instructions. I hadn’t cooked in a month, suffice to say not my best outing.



The power of pointing, just took a while to find a restaurant with pictures, but I was not leaving until I had Soondae (those yummy, chewy little blood sausages).

Airport Jajangmyun

Asiana Airlines

your’s truly

Sorry, I couldn’t resist just one touristy snap.


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