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青椒炒肉絲 Stir Fried Pork and Green Peppers

青椒炒肉絲 (qing jiao chao rou si), Stir Fried Pork and Green Peppers is among the quickest and simplest stir fries. It is also good for when you have a bunch of green peppers in the fridge that you didn’t really ask … Continue reading

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Pickled Crabapples

These days crabapples are generally only used as ornamental trees or occasionally for ensuring good pollination in orchards. However there are a couple culinary uses for the bunches of little fruit that the tree bears. Assuming the fruit is large … Continue reading

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炒飯 Fried Rice

A friend of mine keeps asking if I know how to make Fried Rice. Because, as he explains, he really likes the stuff down at the local “chinese” restaurant. Yes I do, maybe, but then again maybe not. I mean … Continue reading

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Fall is a transitory period and I find myself, once again, transitioning from SW Washington to Little Rhody. From the quiet rural roads who’s ditches are filled with wild apple trees, berries, and the occasional plum to the hustle and … Continue reading

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