Fall is a transitory period and I find myself, once again, transitioning from SW Washington to Little Rhody. From the quiet rural roads who’s ditches are filled with wild apple trees, berries, and the occasional plum to the hustle and bustle of urban New England where only occasionally do I come across free eats.  On the up side it is going from gray-green and wet to dry, colorful and crisp.

Fall is always a busy time, between the picking, the preserving, the canning, the pressing and the fermenting I find there is little time to write about the afore mentioned practices. Well now that I am back in Providence I won’t get much chance to practice the “hillbilly arts” I might find some time to write about them….eventually…right after I make a run to Chinatown. Because there are a few things that are hard to find around the rural landscape.

Anyway, I will leave you with a few pictures while think on dinner.

Pickled, dilled beans.

Wild prune preserves, those little sour plums are good for something.

Cider time, well, apple juice. It is not cider until it is fermented.

Apple butter and an extra large wild apple.

Fried apple butter pie, because sometimes there is just enough left over dough.


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