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紅糖年糕 Brown Sugar Year Cake

In Taiwan and parts of China sticky rice cakes are popular during the New Year celebrations. Since their name ” 年糕 ” (nian gao) literally “Year Cake” is a homonym for 年高 literally “higher year” or roughly translating to “having a … Continue reading

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麻油雞湯 Sesame Oil Chicken Soup

This is a really simple and quick soup that tastes really, really good, but I cannot get a decent photo of it for nothing. Though this is called Sesame Oil Chicken Soup/ 麻油雞湯 (ma you ji tang) one of the … Continue reading

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Mincemeat Pie (w/Venison)

Mincemeat Pie generally does not contain meat, well not anymore at least. If you are lucky you might come across one that is the combination of the usual dried fruits and apples with beef suet, giving it rich feel. However … Continue reading

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