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(虱目)魚粥 Fish Congee

虱目魚粥 (shi mu yu zhou) Milkfish Congee (congee = rice porridge) is a specialty of Taiwan’s southern city of Tainan (台南). Or so I am told, honestly I only every been by on the train, never stopping. Which is a … Continue reading

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(Chili Pulp) Chili Con Carne w/ Beans

Chili is a simple food with a long history in the Americas. Seems the Cholulan Indians had the chili pots on the fire just waiting for the conquistadors to furnish the meat, if only history had turned out differently. Being … Continue reading

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Savory Bread and Butter Pudding

Waste not, want not. Americans waste a lot of food, something like 34 million tons a year. For me wasting food just goes counter to how I was raised. Aside from the starving people in such in such a place that … Continue reading

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