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鹹豆漿 (xian dou jiang) “Salty” Soy Milk

鹹豆漿 (xian dou jiang) Salty Soy Milk reminds me of those old, traditional, bustling breakfast joints in Taipei. With their large vats of soy milk, huge woks of hot oil for frying the 油條 (youtiao) (those long fried sticks of dough … Continue reading

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溏心蛋 (tang xin dan) Sugar Heart Eggs

糖心蛋 (tang xin dan) Sugar Heart Eggs are are similar to 茶葉蛋 (cha ye dan) tea eggs or 滷蛋 (lu dan) braised eggs. Except with Sugar Heart Eggs the eggs are not boiled until they are completely solid. Giving them an exceptional … Continue reading

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