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Yankee Syrup Run

Spring has been getting off to a slow start here in New England.  None the less the sap has started to flow, if only in dribs and drabs. So we decided to make a run up north to stock up … Continue reading

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Irish Potato Cakes

Well it seems that mid-March is upon us once again and let us shift the focus away from the usual St. Patrick’s Day boiled dinner or boiled bacon for a minute and start the day off right. A little something … Continue reading

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Stir Fried Bamboo Shoots with Pork 竹筍炒肉絲

I am pulling another recipe out of my new Hakka cookbook. Though to be honest the first time I had this rather homely dish was in a Amis aboriginal household. Stir Fried Bamboo Shoots with Pork (竹筍炒肉絲 zhú sǔn chǎo … Continue reading

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Hakka Dried Persimmon Chicken Soup 柿乾燉雞湯

The Hakka (客家, kè jiā in Mandarin or hàg gá in Hakka) are a diaspora that have settled in many places throughout the world. They hail from northern Guangdong Province in China, though it is said they originally came from … Continue reading

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環島了 Around the Island, a retrospective

Having a cheap little 7-11 meal at the airport in Taoyuan I could scarcely realize that I would return to New England just in time for a record breaking winter. Both in terms of low temperatures and vast quantities of … Continue reading

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