An Ode to Oldie Franks, 泡菜熱狗

It has been a long week at work and being a bit tired I wanted something simple for dinner. Something that would use up some of the excess (if there is such a thing) kimchi in fridge. So I ran down to the store for some Bratwurst. And thinking back all those years to when I lived in Taichung I made my rendition of a 泡菜熱狗 (pào cài rè gǒu) or kimchi hot dog I first had at a place by the canal called 微笑熱狗 Oldies Frank’s Hot Dog!.

To be honest I think you can find a better German style sausage in Taichung than you can in Rhode Island…At least I can find a good German black lager to wash it down.

Kimchi Hot Dog

Recipe: (if you can call it that)

  • Hot dogs/brats/sausages of your choosing
  • Buns
  • shredded kimchi


  1. Cook hot dogs, assemble on bun with as much kimchi as you like.

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