A Day In Central Taiwan


Pretty Kitty

After a another day of business and such in Taipei we headed down to Taichung. With the duel purpose of popping into Tunghai University (東海大學 Dōng hǎi dà xué) Chinese Language Center. Then later in the afternoon heading up to Puli.

First thing in the morning we went to the Taunghai campus. It has been several years since I’ve been on campus and it definitely filled me with a bit of nostalgia for the time I spent there. But arriving at the doors to the Chinese Language Center I began to sense a feeling of apprehension building inside me. Which nearly instantly turned to a combination of fear and dread when I spotted and was spotted by one of my old teachers. Oh how rusty my conversation skills have become the last couple years.

After a short and wonderful, if not slightly painful, reunion with a couple of our favorite teachers it was time for them to start their classes and time for us to decompress a little. So we took a long walk through campus before catching a bus back downtown.

Having time to spare before we needed to catch the bus to Puli I decided to take a walk through Taichung’s Jiangguo Market (台中建國市場 Táizhōng jiànguó shìchǎng) located on Jianguo Rd., just north of the train station. Because I simply cannot resist the sights and smells of a good market. And while I have walked past this market I don’t know how many times I never actually went through it.

So here we go.

Dried meat and sausages

Dried meat and sausages


Dried seafood stall

Dried seafood stall



Better than KFC


Tofu stall

Tofu stall



Young ferns (Hart’s Tongue Fern or similar, I believe) and a type of 絲瓜 (Sīguā), Luffa gourd.



Bamboo shoots are in season



Sweet Potatoes!

After a looking around a bit we caught one of the numerous buses up to Puli. This portion of our trip had the objective of going to the Long Nan Lacquer Museum  to meet up with our wonderful friend and to pick up a couple of presents for people back in the States.

We decided to take a rather circuitous route from the bus stop to Long Nan so we could pick up a bite to eat and explore a little. Which is how we came across something I’ve never seen. A temple under construction. I’ve seen plenty of temples in all their splendor and a number in  a state of disrepair, but never one under construction. I looked upon it as not only a great chance to see a new state of being of a temple, but also to see the latest in the craftsmanship that goes into the decoration.


New Guard Lions



They are blindfolded so they won’t run away.



Retired Lion

Done with little bit of exploring we went over to Long Nan. And of course we could not get out of there without being on the receiving end of quite a lot of hospitality. So we found ourselves on the way up to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭 Rì yuè tán). Not that I was going to argue, I hadn’t been to Sun Moon Lake for a while.


Sun Moon Lake (日月潭 Rì yuè tán)


It was a misty day up in the hills making for a comfortable if not a little tropical afternoon.  After a few stops we ended up at the Wen Wu Temple (文武廟 Wén wǔ miào). Which I haven’t been to since I was taking Chinese classes at the aforementioned Tunghai University Chinese Language Center. And that was some years ago.


A rather large Guardian Lion



The central hall with Guan Gong, the God of War (the one with the red face) and the warrior-God Yue Fei.





One big Earth God.



With darkness quickly approaching we headed back to Puli and then on to Taichung. It was too short a visit and in the morning we would be off to take the train around the southern tip of the Island and to Taitung.



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