This blog (as much as it is a blog at all) is about food (and life, Taiwan, US, travel, cycling, etc.). Mostly, I guess, it is a collection of recipes of the food I eat daily. Which seems to be  a rather eclectic mix of old school American and English food and East Asian cuisine, but very little in the way of fusion. The recipes from the East are meant to replicate the taste, texture, and fragrance that I come across while I am in Taiwan (or occasionally Korea). The recipes from the West are my response to the strange aberration that is American food culture, with its endless pursuit of ever sweeter, saltier, fattier, and more artificial foodstuffs.

Who? Me?

I eat, I drink, I travel, I cycle, I draw, I do a lot of things, mostly the things that are involved in daily life.  My name is Paul Voss or 傅嵐晞 if you rather. I grew up mostly on a small farm in the Upper Midwest (well the first half of mostly anyway) then I lived in a small (population <700) logging town in SW WA (for the other half of mostly).  I have traveled a fair bit in the US (been to forty some states, lived in 6). I lived for a time in Taiwan and return there as much as I can.


Disclaimer: All opinions on this blog, unless otherwise stated, are mine, probably wrong, and subject to change at any given moment. That said, I do my best to make sure that the information on my blog is accurate when published.

I hold the copyright to all photos on this blog unless otherwise noted. The same thing applies to written content, please do not reproduce posts from this blog without my permission.



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  1. Jenny says:

    When I read “The progress of this famous plant has been something like the progress of truth”….I could not believe someone else other then me had written that sentence…..this is exactly my personal experience. Thank you for sharing this piece of writing. Oh and I happen to be Taiwanese who’s grown up in Australia. So I am very touched by how much you appriciate my birth place.

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