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開陽白菜 Chinese Cabbage with Dried Shrimp

Recently I was looking through my beginners Chinese textbook from Tunghai University in Taichung. I was doing a little reviewing on account that over the past couple years I have had little regular practice conversing in Mandarin and therefor last … Continue reading

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傳統油飯 Traditional Taiwanese Sticky Rice

One of my favorite foodstuffs in the world is glutenous rice. The QQ texture is just something I love. Whether it is ground into chewy mochi or in more hearty forms such as zongzi. Lucky for me, and not at … Continue reading

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炸豆渣塊 (zhà dòu zhā kuài) I guess you could call them “Vegetarian Nuggets.” Literally it translates as “deep fried soybean dregs pieces,” so that is might not be the best name for them. Basically when you make soy milk or … Continue reading

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排骨炆菜頭 Pork Ribs Braised with Radish

Being that the Lunar New Years Celebration is just behind us I should have gotten this recipe out a bit earlier. Considering that it uses one of the auspicious symbols of the New Years, the daikon/white radish. Not to mention … Continue reading

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蘿蔔燒肉 Braised Pork and Daikon Radish

It has been a while since I had time to post a recipe so I thought I would start with a very simple one. A home style version of 蘿蔔燒肉 (luó bo shāo ròu), braised pork and daikon radish. A … Continue reading

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猴年快樂! Happy Year of the Monkey! This last year was a very busy year. With two trips to Taiwan, a month in the (unusually hot and dry) Pacific Northwest, and various trips around the Mid Atlantic and New England states … Continue reading

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Taitung, There and Back Again

OK, only getting this written two months after the fact, but hey I’ve been busy. I seldom seem to take the train directly from Taichung to Taitung, but with little time to spare on this trip there was no stop … Continue reading

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