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Seems that the year of the Chicken is languishing in post production. Now that we have reached the year of the Dog I realize that I’ve managed to not write a single thing in nearly a year. Only part of … Continue reading

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Dear Reader(s), 好久不見 I’ve been silent for a long while now, it was nothing personal, just I had a lot going on. After moving to central New York we decided to buy a house and well looking for a house … Continue reading

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猴年快樂! Happy Year of the Monkey! This last year was a very busy year. With two trips to Taiwan, a month in the (unusually hot and dry) Pacific Northwest, and various trips around the Mid Atlantic and New England states … Continue reading

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Wow it is the Mid-Autumn Festival already. Which is easily my favorite Asian holiday, thanks in large part to Hong Kong style Moon Cakes. But I guess it also means summer is over. I think I missed it. Well now … Continue reading

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Yankee Syrup Run

Spring has been getting off to a slow start here in New England.  None the less the sap has started to flow, if only in dribs and drabs. So we decided to make a run up north to stock up … Continue reading

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Irish Potato Cakes

Well it seems that mid-March is upon us once again and let us shift the focus away from the usual St. Patrick’s Day boiled dinner or boiled bacon for a minute and start the day off right. A little something … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Pie

Thanksgiving rolled around once again. It is one holiday I diverge from the standard on when it comes to dishes on the table. One of those divergences is in the area of pies. Most people, I assume, go with the … Continue reading

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