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Sweet Potato Pie

Thanksgiving rolled around once again. It is one holiday I diverge from the standard on when it comes to dishes on the table. One of those divergences is in the area of pies. Most people, I assume, go with the … Continue reading

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Carrot Pudding (and Hot Pudding Sauce)

Long before there was carrot cake there were steamed carrot pudding (as well as the carrot pie, of course). I have an affinity for steamed puddings and this one is something of a family heirloom that I was meaning to … Continue reading

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Carrot Pie

Sure you probably have had carrot cake, which without the little frosting carrot on top you would be hard pressed to distinguish any carrot in it, but have you ever tried carrot pie? You should, especially if you just bought … Continue reading

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Summer Pudding

In Washington this pudding requires a walk through the back yard, in Rhode Island it requires a trip to the market. And still I can’t find everything I want. Such as it is, it would not be summer if I … Continue reading

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Fruit Cake

It may seem that it is a bit late for a posting about a Christmas Cake, but as long as I get it written before Chinese New Year I still consider it in season. Besides since a good Christmas Cake … Continue reading

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Silken Tofu Chocolate Pie

While we seem to be on the subject of soy I should throw in the Silken Tofu Chocolate Pie. I am not sure where it fits into the world of soy, but it is good none the less. Seriously, it … Continue reading

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紅糖年糕 Brown Sugar Year Cake

In Taiwan and parts of China sticky rice cakes are popular during the New Year celebrations. Since their name ” 年糕 ” (nian gao) literally “Year Cake” is a homonym for 年高 literally “higher year” or roughly translating to “having a … Continue reading

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