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炸豆渣塊 (zhà dòu zhā kuài) I guess you could call them “Vegetarian Nuggets.” Literally it translates as “deep fried soybean dregs pieces,” so that is might not be the best name for them. Basically when you make soy milk or … Continue reading

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Silken Tofu Chocolate Pie

While we seem to be on the subject of soy I should throw in the Silken Tofu Chocolate Pie. I am not sure where it fits into the world of soy, but it is good none the less. Seriously, it … Continue reading

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鹹豆漿 (xian dou jiang) “Salty” Soy Milk

鹹豆漿 (xian dou jiang) Salty Soy Milk reminds me of those old, traditional, bustling breakfast joints in Taipei. With their large vats of soy milk, huge woks of hot oil for frying the 油條 (youtiao) (those long fried sticks of dough … Continue reading

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原味豆漿 Doujiang a.k.a. Soy Milk

原味豆漿 (yuan wei dou jiang) “original flavor doujiang”  or just 豆漿 (doujiang) or as it is usually called here in the West; Soy Milk. Since I rather dislike that sweet, oft vanilla scented liquid that masquerades as soy milk in … Continue reading

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