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腐乳高麗菜 Cabbage with Furu (Fermented tofu)

腐乳高麗菜 (fu ru gao li cai) I have a habit of searching out recipes that make use of 豆腐乳 (dou fu ru)/fermented bean curd. With a texture and flavor reminiscent of a soft, strong, ripe cheese Furu is generally not eaten straight on … Continue reading

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鍋塌豆腐 Breaded Fried Tofu

鍋塌豆腐 (guo ta doufu) “Pot Collapse Tofu” Since I am not sure what the name “pot collapse” means, so I will call it what it is: Breaded Fried Tofu. I believe the dish originally comes from Shandong (others say from Beijing). … Continue reading

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Doenjang Jjigae

I’ll try anything twice. Once just leaves too much up to chance. Maybe it was made poorly, maybe I wasn’t in the mood, maybe the weather was wrong, maybe I just wasn’t ready to appreciate it yet. Twice is the … Continue reading

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麻婆豆腐 MaPo DouFu

I sometimes see Mapo Doufu on menus in American Chinese restaurants, but it is so easy (and ridiculously cheap) to make I cant imagine ordering it. This classic of Sichuan cuisine (川菜) combines the heat of chilies, the numbing of … Continue reading

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