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沙茶羊肉炒空心菜 Stir Fried Lamb with Water Spinach

沙茶羊肉炒空心菜 (sha cha yang rou chao kong xin cai) Lamb stir fried with water spinach and seasoned with Taiwanese barbecue sauce would be the long and most informative title of this dish, but let us just call it Stir Fried … Continue reading

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(Chili Pulp) Chili Con Carne w/ Beans

Chili is a simple food with a long history in the Americas. Seems the Cholulan Indians had the chili pots on the fire just waiting for the conquistadors to furnish the meat, if only history had turned out differently. Being … Continue reading

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Mincemeat Pie (w/Venison)

Mincemeat Pie generally does not contain meat, well not anymore at least. If you are lucky you might come across one that is the combination of the usual dried fruits and apples with beef suet, giving it rich feel. However … Continue reading

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How Sweet It Is

Onion Gravy It is amazing how one of natures angriest vegetables can becomes so sweet. You just have to coax the sweetness out. You could call this slow food, it does take a while to cook the onions down to … Continue reading

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